Why Choose Independence Realty for Huntsville Property Management

//Why Choose Independence Realty for Huntsville Property Management

Why Choose Independence Realty for Huntsville Property Management

If you’re a landlord in the Huntsville, Alabama area, you might be asking why it’s a good idea to do business with us. Today, we’re sharing a few of the best reasons to work with Independence Realty.






We have a combined total of 33 years of multi-building, multi-property experience on our staff. We have been in Huntsville for quite a while, so we know the local market. We also know how to handle every part of your property’s maintenance. As a private landlord 15 years ago, I took all the required coursework on heating, air conditioning and ventilating so I could do these things at my property. I even had my own equipment for several years. I don’t do that work myself anymore, but I do know what I’m talking about when I’m discussing your property with a vendor who is there to do repairs.






When it comes to maintenance, we have done it all. While we don’t do the plumbing and the roof replacement ourselves anymore, it helps us hire the most competent and qualified vendors we can find. We check up on the work they do and we make sure our tenant customers are satisfied. When the property is vacant, we take pictures of the work product and send them to you.






Our reporting is the best in the business. We use Appfolio, which is an innovative and efficient property management system that allows us to send you a full accounting every month. These reports include statements reflecting what you pay us in management fees as well as an income statement that shows your cash flow. You’ll also receive a tenant rent roll showing how much the tenants paid in deposits, who they are and how often they are late. You get everything with us.






The moment we get a request for service, we act on it. We also send you that work order immediately. This happens even when the request comes in after hours, or it’s an emergency that’s


handled through our professionally operated contact center. Tenants can call in 24/7 and our service will send our preferred vendors to handle emergencies. You’ll always get an email alert when there’s a problem. You don’t have to wait for a phone call the next business day. We provide the fastest possible reporting.

Contact us at Independence RealtyHuntsville Property Management if you’d like to hear more about our services and why you should work with us.

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