How Realtors Make Extra Money in Alabama – Real Estate Sales Tips

//How Realtors Make Extra Money in Alabama – Real Estate Sales Tips

How Realtors Make Extra Money in Alabama – Real Estate Sales Tips


If you’re wondering how to make more money in real estate sales here in Alabama, we have some Realtor tips for you today.


Alabama Real Estate Sales

First, make sure you understand that as a listing agent, you have a niche that works extremely well for you. There’s a circle of profitability when you list and sell all sorts of properties within that circle. That’s where you’re making most of your money. If you are a listing agent who is trying to dabble a little in property management, you’re probably not earning what you can in today’s economy. If you’re really better at listing and selling, then focus on that. A listing agent in a good market with a good economy will make more money doing what they do best. Don’t try to handle a handful of management accounts. One of the reasons that Alabama real estate referral programs work so well is that property management is its own field with its own set of required skills and talents. You have to be top notch at what you’re doing. Everything changes in each field, and constant training is required. To stay on top of your game even in sales requires a full time effort in education and professional development. It’s the same in property management.


Alabama Realtor Referral Program

Second, maximize your opportunities when they come along. Refer property owners who are considering renting out their properties to a quality property management company like Independence Realty. We are one of the highest ranked companies on Google and Yelp in Alabama, and I know that’s the quality you’re looking for. In a great market, a good listing agent will stay focused. Make sure you have a strong alliance partner so when referrals come up, you can make every opportunity count.

If you have any questions about our Alabama property management referral program, please contact us at Independence Realty. We’d be happy to tell you more about our Alabama Realtor partnerships.

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