Selling to Investors in Alabama – Real Estate Sales Tips

//Selling to Investors in Alabama – Real Estate Sales Tips

Selling to Investors in Alabama – Real Estate Sales Tips


Investors are people who want to buy single family homes, condominiums, and townhouses as investment properties. Selling to these types of buyers is a little different than selling to an average home buyer. We have some Realtor tips on closing those investment deals.

Alabama Real Estate Sales: Qualify Your Buyers

Always make sure you’re working with qualified investors before you spend any time showing them properties. A lot of agents will hear investor and drop the qualifying routine. You work hard to qualify people for residential purchases, so don’t fail to qualify people for that commercial aspect. Working with a qualified buyer and investor is critical. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time. We encounter buyers all the time who are not qualified. Look for Alabama real estate referral programs for help. A company like ours can direct you and help with investors, financing and qualifying buyers.

Alabama Realtor Partnerships: Prepare for Questions

Another thing to keep in mind is that these investors will have questions you don’t usually hear from home buyers. They will want to know about rental rates and rental rate analysis numbers. This might sound the same as finding listing prices for sales, but the investors you work with will want more detail on that report. If you partner with us, we can put those numbers together and help you close that deal.

Alabama Property Management Referral Program

We will help you even if you aren’t giving us your contract. We’ll stand beside you and help you close the deal so you make more money faster. That’s what you want with an alliance partner so you can focus on your circle of listing and selling. When you work with investors, you want to be able to handle those specialty questions and needs, and we can help you all the way through closing.


If you have any questions about Alabama real estate investing or selling to investors in Alabama, please contact us at Independence Realty.

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