How to Get a Good Tenant in Huntsville, Alabama in 27 Days

//How to Get a Good Tenant in Huntsville, Alabama in 27 Days

How to Get a Good Tenant in Huntsville, Alabama in 27 Days

Today at Independence Realty, we’re talking about how to find a qualified tenant in 30 days or less. With over 1,450 local members of our Board of Realtors in the area, the average time on market is 60 days. Days on market defines the amount of time between the day the property goes on the market until the day a deposit is made on the property. Our average as an agency runs between 27 to 29 days on market, which is better than the competition. We’re giving you some important tips on how to achieve similar results.


We are always looking to improve our process and we know that success starts with marketing. It’s important to make the property appealing to potential tenants. You also need outstanding marketing photographs on the Internet, where it really counts. Our Board of Realtors has a website and we send all listings whether sales or rentals to four other real estate websites. This puts your property in front of a large pool of potential tenants. We also use top-flight property management software – Appfolio. This gets us better results and high quality tenant prospects.


We’re also available. We answer our phones and respond to our emails. People are always telling us that they cannot get calls back from agents. We even have real estate agents thanking me for calling back because they can’t get in touch with other agents about their properties. This is because in many cases, our fellow board members are busy chasing high dollar sales commission instead of taking care of your property. When property management is their side business, you don’t get the attention you need. For us, property management is all we do. It’s our primary business and it keeps us employed, so we’re doing the best job we can to get a tenant as fast as we can.


The tenants we place are highly qualified. We perform a criminal history search, we check landlord references, we pull a credit report and we also do a national eviction search. We get you qualified tenants faster than anyone else.

Get a Good TenantIf you need help finding a great tenant fast, we can help. Please contact us at Independence Realty, and we will be happy to share more information.

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